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My name is Brecht De Ruyte Photographer, Developer, Musician

Vanthilt on tour – The first time I hit a cover.

Vanthilt on tour

A few months ago there was a event in Deinze (my hometown) known as “Vanthilt On Tour”. Close to the church there was a big tent where they were shooting a live talk show with the host Marcel Vanthilt. This event lasted for about a week and every day I was standing there with my camera. There aren’t… Read more

A few tips & tricks for your first outdoor photo shoots.

Photoshoot Freya

There are a lot of people doing photography these days. Most of them are shooting nature, landscapes and travel photos. I found myself doing the exact same thing for a long time. But as I became a bit more experienced, I wanted to try some portrait photos. Since I don’t have the hardware and room for a studio… Read more

A word of introduction.

Brecht De Ruyte - A word of introduction

Hello, my name is Brecht. Since this is my first post on the blog, I wanted to write something about myself. I will cover a few topics such as where my love for photography came from, what my situation is at this point and what my goals are for the (hopefully near) future. So let’s begin shall we?… Read more