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My name is Brecht De Ruyte Photographer, Developer, Musician

Starting out my new job at Lavagraphics.


Some of you might have noticed that I haven’t written an article for a few weeks. This is because I started a new challenge as an interactive developer at Lavagraphics. This full service publicity agency has clients such as Film Fest Gent, The world soundstrack academy, Goed Gevoel Ladies Fair and many more. My job at Lavagraphics involves… Read more

A portrait of Silas. A musician’s life.

A portrait of Silas | Photography by Brecht De Ruyte

About a week ago I did a photo shoot with Silas Van Laeken, an upcoming musician living in Belgium. The shoot didn’t take place on a stage or a rehearsal, but in the comforts of his own home. From ska till blues, this musician is a warm-hearted person that knows how to amuse the crowd. With his bands… Read more

My first group photography: Red Wired

Red Wired

As some of you might know, I used to play the guitar in a band called Red Wired. We didn’t have any good pictures of us together so I just had to do something about that. It was a fun experience since this was my first group photography and my first selfie at the same time. It wasn’t… Read more

A game of bowling for a birthday

Waiting for the turn | photo by Brecht De Ruyte

A few weeks back I went bowling for my friend Timothy‚Äôs birthday. We had a wonderful time and as you might have guessed, I just had to take a few shots. The light in the bowling alley was hard to work with but I’m quite happy with the result. At least my shots are better than my bowling… Read more

What is aperture? A guide for beginners.


Aperture is one of the main things you should learn about photography. It is the most important thing when shooting portraits/animals. Together with ISO and Shutter Speed, it is something every photographer should know by heart. I will try explain what this feature is and how you it can make your photos a lot better.   What is… Read more

A day in the woods with Jolien.


A few weeks back I did a photoshoot with Jolien (For English people, Jolene). This was her first time being a model so we did everything at ease. Although there was some bad weather, it was a wonderful experience. I always try to capture people the way they are. Jolien is quite the dreamy person so I wanted… Read more