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My name is Brecht De Ruyte Photographer, Developer, Musician

Couples shoot: Nils and Laura.

Couple shoot; Nils & Laura photography by Brecht De Ruyte

A little while ago, two dear friends of me got married. So they asked me if I could take some photos of them for the wedding invitations. They had a theme in mind which was “picnicking / walking / nature” and they also suggested a location. The photos were taken at “Het Leen” in Eeklo (Belgium). It was… Read more

A portrait of Silas. A musician’s life.

A portrait of Silas | Photography by Brecht De Ruyte

About a week ago I did a photo shoot with Silas Van Laeken, an upcoming musician living in Belgium. The shoot didn’t take place on a stage or a rehearsal, but in the comforts of his own home. From ska till blues, this musician is a warm-hearted person that knows how to amuse the crowd. With his bands… Read more

My first group photography: Red Wired

Red Wired

As some of you might know, I used to play the guitar in a band called Red Wired. We didn’t have any good pictures of us together so I just had to do something about that. It was a fun experience since this was my first group photography and my first selfie at the same time. It wasn’t… Read more

A day in the woods with Jolien.


A few weeks back I did a photoshoot with Jolien (For English people, Jolene). This was her first time being a model so we did everything at ease. Although there was some bad weather, it was a wonderful experience. I always try to capture people the way they are. Jolien is quite the dreamy person so I wanted… Read more