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My name is Brecht De Ruyte Photographer, Developer, Musician

Split Bus Nation: Volkswagen at it’s best.

Split Bus Nation photography by Brecht De Ruyte

I went to see a meeting of old Volkswagen cars name Split Bus Nation. A friend of mine woks a lot on his van and I must say that the result is stunning. His car has a beautiful vintage look and he even has a playboy magazine in the car of the same date his van was built…. Read more

Vanthilt on tour – The first time I hit a cover.

Vanthilt on tour

A few months ago there was a event in Deinze (my hometown) known as “Vanthilt On Tour”. Close to the church there was a big tent where they were shooting a live talk show with the host Marcel Vanthilt. This event lasted for about a week and every day I was standing there with my camera. There aren’t… Read more