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My name is Brecht De Ruyte Photographer, Developer, Musician


Brecht De Ruyte | sugomi

Photo by An Daems

Hello, my name is Brecht and I love photography. The name “Sugomi” was the first name I ever used on the internet. It’s when I first discovered you can play games online with your friends (with a 56k modem). Since my name is hard to pronounce for English people I kept using it online.

I started this blog to talk about some of the photos I make and to share some of my learning experience. I hope it can be inspirational to others. But even more I am hoping to get some feedback from time to time.

Ever since I was a student, I became intrigued by photography. I had a small digital camera (one of the first Nikon Coolpix) and I absolutely went mad with it. I was playing a lot with the shutter speed and taking it with me as much as I could. Some of the photos were good, some bad and a lot dreadful. But hey, it’s a learning experience and before I knew it I was starting to get better.

My love for photography grew even deeper when I bought the Nikon D3100.  It came with the standard 18-55mm lens and not long after I bought the 55-300. My god, how I went mad with it! I was (and still am) shooting everything. People’s faces, a bug sitting on a leaf, buildings, trees, horizons. My favorite lens at this moment is the 50mm f/1.8G.

My goal is to become better and at least get a few assignments. So if you’re a model starting out, if you want photos of your kids, pets, partner or have an event that needs some photos, feel free to contact me. I’ve done few photo shoots (always on location). For the moment i don’t do weddings since I’m not experienced in that field. Currently I just want to expand my portfolio.

During the day I work as an interactive developer at Lavagraphics which is a communication agency located in Ghent (Belgium). I also love to play guitar, bass and harmonica.