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My name is Brecht De Ruyte Photographer, Developer, Musician

In Amsterdam for the Awwwards conference.

In Amsterdam - photography by Brecht De Ruyte

Recently I went to Amsterdam for the Awwwards conference, which is a conference about web and everything around it. After the first day there was a little photo tour. I was hoping the tour would be during sunset but unfortunately it was already dark when we left. I didn’t have a tripod with me, no flash and didn’t… Read more

Couples shoot: Nils and Laura.

Couple shoot; Nils & Laura photography by Brecht De Ruyte

A little while ago, two dear friends of me got married. So they asked me if I could take some photos of them for the wedding invitations. They had a theme in mind which was “picnicking / walking / nature” and they also suggested a location. The photos were taken at “Het Leen” in Eeklo (Belgium). It was… Read more

Split Bus Nation: Volkswagen at it’s best.

Split Bus Nation photography by Brecht De Ruyte

I went to see a meeting of old Volkswagen cars name Split Bus Nation. A friend of mine woks a lot on his van and I must say that the result is stunning. His car has a beautiful vintage look and he even has a playboy magazine in the car of the same date his van was built…. Read more

A few days in the Belgian Ardennes (Part II: Caves Of Han )

Han-sur-Lesse | Photography by Brecht De ruyte

For the first time ever, I went to the Caves Of Han. The Caves Of Han is a park consisting of 250 hectares of unspoilt nature that accommodates a Wild Animal Reserve. The reserve consists out of animals of the region roaming around in their natural environment such as: the wolf, the lynx, the wild cat, etc… There… Read more

A few days in the Belgian Ardennes (Part I)


During my holiday, my fiancée an I decided to take a small trip to the Ardennes. Mostly because we are building a house, a big vacation was not possible this year. Since this vacation was also about relaxation for us I didn’t want to be behind my lens 90% of the time. We deserved some time away from… Read more

On the first of May, the streets of Ghent are colored red.


In Belgium, The first of May is the International Workers’ Day. This is the day that we celebrate the beginning of the 8-hour working day. On this day the SPA (Socialistic Party) parades in the streets reminding the people of our need for cheaper healthcare, good working conditions, more work and other social problems that should be highlighted…. Read more

Flemish fields in the morning.

Flemish fields in the mist | photography by Brecht De Ruyte

Landscape photography has always been one of the things that I would like to do more. Unfortunately, I often find myself not having the time to get on the scene at the right time (during sunrise or sunsets). In Belgium you won’t see those amazing landscapes with mountains or skyscrapers. But one of the beauties of the region… Read more